Beginner Friendly Email Marketing Design for Small Business

Why MailerLite?

Even with their simplicity of design and usability, they still offer a range of newsletter an form options that will work for users of beginner and moderate skill level. A simple, quick email editor is a great value on their free plan, which is limited to 1000 subscribers.


Excels in the arena of simplicity and positive user experience. Very intuitive and easy to get started

List Management Tools

Segment your list with a healthy variety of important variables. The ability to automate this process is available as well.

Landing Page Editor

No need to invest in another tool to create the landing pages that your users will visit after clicking a link in an email.

Advertiser Disclosure

While not the most powerful tool we have reviewed, MailerLite, an email marketing tool for small business owners fills a need in the marketplace for the non-technical marketer who needs a simple newsletter solution. Although cheaper than most tools in the market, there are a few drawbacks: You wont find as many automations or spam testing like pro tools like GetResponse or ActiveCampaign. Consider MailerLite if you need to get newsletters out quickly without the hassle of full email marketing automation.


  • 8.1/10 Overall rating
  • 71% Positive reviews
  • 88% Would Recommend
Value for the Money 3.8
Features 3.9
Ease of use 4.5
Cutomer support 4.5
70% Complete
32% Complete
10% Complete
19% Complete
Amelia Chan

Reviewed 2017-06-06
Review Source: Software Advice

  • Industry: Videography
  • Company size: 1
Extremely Easy to Use

I have been using this software for over a year. It is a great product to distribute your emails. The interface is easy & clean. You can integrate web forms to website and facebook pages. The software allows you to create as many accounts using the same email. The beauty of this product is the plan is free for less than 1,000 subscribers. Love this software. Easy to use. The interface is clean and neat. Customer service is friendly & fantastic. They solve your issue within 24 hours

Used daily for 1.5 - 2 years

Newsletter Creation + List Management

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Plans and Pricing

Pricing Based on Number of Contacts
Sign up Free
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Professional $120
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Free Plan

Start your newsletter with under 1,000 subscribers at no cost

Landing Page Editor

Exceedingly rare in an email marketing software. Also includes embedded forms and pop ups

Optimize Campaigns

Basic Split testing and autoresending features are included in all plans

Clean and Simple

Intuitive interface works well for both advanced and beginer users


Limited Free Plan

Email templates are not included in the free plan. They also limit the amount of emails you can send to 12,000 per month

Basic Reporting Only

Easy to track clicks and opens, but less comprehensive when it comes to social tracking and analyzing website clicks.

Limited Automations

Triggers or segmenting not available based on website clicks or social networking activities

No Spam or Design Testing

You will need to use another tool to know where your emails will land in the spam folder

Rating details

Ease of Use

MailerLite is very easy to navigate with most segments working quickly. It has a logical structure and a near perfect interface.

Newsletter Creation

The editor works easily and has most things you need. If you need to create columns, you can utilise their 'customs' feature and customise it as required. However, you can't put pictures in line with the text, which would have been helpful inside the article block. They likewise enable you to track changes, which make fixing errors simple. A component that is very exceptional in MailerLite is the capacity to include Facebook and Twitter posts directly on your email.


Simple personalisation is possible, however not If/Then/Else logic. As a workaround, you can include 'dynamic content' blocks, which will display to only selected groups/segments.

Email types

Classic, A/B testing, autoresponders, reviews, recurring newsletters and date-based (specific, and once-off, for things like a membership update).

Choice and Flexibility of Template Designs

There aren't many collections of templates to browse from; however, they look great and are truly adaptable. They probably won't have the same number of highlights as some other email tools, yet we discovered they had the essential ones. Note that layouts are excluded in the free plan.

Email Automation

MailerLite offers helpful marketing automation, enabling you to make workflows dependent on campaign actions, for example, opens and clicking connections, or conditions dependent on custom fields and sections. While it is unable to track webpage visits, all other automations are offered to all clients even on their free plan.

List Management

You can fragment your subscribers using a wide assortment of variables. MailerLite calls their tagging system "groups." Through their automations you can even set up specific activities, for example, "when a subscriber joins one group, expel them from another group".

Registration Forms/ Opt-in & Opt-out- Process

Extremely simple to create and use, with a few types of forms available, including pop-ups, embed, unsubscribe forms and subscribe buttons. You can likewise make a landing page from this area as well


MailerLite offers strong deliverability rates that appear to improve with each test round we run – our most recent tests demonstrated them accomplishing around 93% deliverability.

Reports and Analysis

MailerLite has the basics of reporting available; however, there is no dedicated section. Instead, you can view reports either from within campaigns or subscribers sections (where you can discover helpful individual stats on each list). While it has e-commerce tracking, this is constrained to WooCommerce and Shopify and is lacking in social tracking. However, it has click-mapping and Google Analytics tags can be included.


MailerLite is accessible in 8 dialects/languages and their help in 5.

Further Features
Spam- and Design-Testing

These are not available.

Bounce Management

After one hard bounce or five soft bounces, subscribers are then moved to a bounce folder where they can be managed.


This isn't available.

Storage available for data and imagesUnlimited

There's no restriction on the size or amount of pictures you can store.

Pro Features

SPF and DKIM (Domain Keys).

Own Domain

Not available.

Different levels of account access

There are four alternatives available, in addition to a fifth, custom option available enabling you to choose precisely what a colleague has access to. There's likewise two-factor authentication (2FA) available through the Google Authenticator App.


MailerLite has many integration choices available (Shopify and WordPress, for instance), and enables access to the developer API which will help integrate it within different applications. Additionally, they support Zapier, which can connect with a vast number of services.

Landing Page Editor

This is a generally unique feature. It can either be facilitated via MailerLite or on your domain. You design it in the very same way as the newsletter, so it feels logical and is exceptionally simple to use.


Utilising email and chat is quick and friendly, with a few similar agents reacting to your requests. The knowledge base was extensive.

Overall rating4.3/5

MailerLite is a quick and simple to utilise email tool, with enough features for most small businesses. Considering that you can have up to 1,000 subscribers for free, it's not a bad deal at all.


Mailerlite currently has 47 templates as of the writing of this review. While not the hundreds that other tools have available, its a great start for those not as design-oriented. We were disappointed to discover that these templates are not available if you are using the free plan under 1,000 contacts

Although few, the templates that they do have are attractive and useful. Using the drag and drop editor with the templates is a good way to customize your emails further

Ease of Use

Mailerlite gets plenty of points for the simplicity of design and ease of use. Beginner marketers will learn a lot from using the software and will easily be able to set up campaigns quickly. Viewing basic reporting will be helpful for those who don’t want to be bogged down with tech jargon and complexity.

Customer support

MailerLite continues it’s positioning as a beginner-friendly tool with fast and helpful customer support. Live Chat and email support are available 24/7 on a first-come, first-served basis. A robust knowledge base and a slew of video tutorials will provide plenty of instruction for those eager to learn about email marketing. For an additional fee, MailerLite will let you skip the queue for live chat and grant you a dedicated account manager to help you set up your campaigns

24/7 Help & Support

Includes help center, webinars, live chat, training, articles and videos, and email support

Live Online Chat

Ask your question and a real person answers 24/7. Just insert your name and email to get started


Email support is available in 7 different languages

Video Tutorials

In-depth learning resources and how-to guides for the visual learners. Available for most topics


An extensive list of frequently asked questions provide answers to the most common issues

Community Forum

Find inspiration and guidance from helpful peers who are also using the GetResponse platform


Become a more knowledgable email marketer with content to help users get more out of the tools offered.

Videos and tutorials

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