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What is Email Marketing Software?

Businesses of any type can use the best email marketing software to create, send, and monitor the effectiveness of their campaigns sent via email to build a relationship with customers. Email marketing facilitates the effective delivery of a company’s promotions, newsletters, discount codes, or targeted content. Sending a combination of valuable content can help encourage existing customers or new leads to engage with your product or service. Workflow automation is often created so that emails can be automatically triggered by specific actions, and campaigns can be sent at specific times.

Designs and Templates

Email marketing solutions usually include an email design feature to help businesses create branded, engaging content. Often, built-in templates can be branded and customized so you don’t have to start from scratch. Businesses can find an email layout that generally fits their needs and customize it with their own content, images, videos, logos, calls-to-action, and more. Customers should be divided into segments based on custom criteria such as demographics, location, lead source, interests, and more, so that the most relevant, valuable, and targeted content is sent out to each segment.

Performance Tracking

Email marketing software should do more than create and send marketing campaigns. They should also track the performance of those campaigns in real time. Metrics such as opens, click-throughs, bounces, unsubscribes, engagement, and more must able measured and analyzed. With more advanced software, geolocation can be tracked to see the targeted reach of campaigns and to understand which locations have the most engagement. Social media shares and spam reporting are additional specific criteria that can also be tracked.

Automations and Triggers

When certain anticipated actions are completed, campaigns can often be automated with workflows to automatically trigger emails. Your autoresponder can send welcome emails automatically when a new customer signs up for the newsletter; you can target new leaders with personalized content after they visit your business website, and more. Enhanced targeting and personalization are available using workflows set up for birthday promotional discounts, renewal reminders when a subscription is about to expire, or drip campaigns for timely email follow-ups over a defined time period.

Hundreds of software companies have popped up to help you nurture leads, increase sales, and enhance customer engagement by reaching out to customers with personalized content at the ideal moment. The solutions can be used by marketing teams from any business type but are particularly useful when you need to nurture leads from cold prospects to warm buyers.

Email Marketing software features guide

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Email Marketing
Is Email Right for You?

Email Marketing is one of the most effective marketing channels available to businesses today. Stop maneuvering around the social media algorithms and use a communication channel that you actually own.

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What to Write?

Understanding your brand voice and delivering content that is actually helpful to your audience is absolutely key

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List Building Secrets

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Foundational Email Decisions

Email Marketing
What Features Do you Need?

Each business is different. The life cycle of your customer's purchase decisions, number of customer segments, and amount of resources you have will all play a part in this decision.

Email Marketing
Feature Comparisons

We've broken down all of the top features that are available in the current software options. No need to pay for a Ferrari if you just need a Honda!

Email Marketing
Software Selection + Set Up

After making the email software selection, you'll need to migrate your list, and set up your campaigns. We can show you how!

Advanced Campaign Tracking

Email Marketing
List Management

Here you will learn how to segment your list into customers with similar wants + needs, as well as how to automate this process based on customer actions.

Email Marketing

Are people reading your emails? Are they clicking through to your website? Are they buying anything when they arrive there? It's important that you know.

Email Marketing
Optimizing Your Emails

Learn from the professionals about the different methods for increasing your email engagement, which is the whole reason we send emails... right?

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